Palmistry Tutorial Videos

Palmistry is both an art and a science. While most of the great palmists can understand the lines to some extent intuitively they also study this in great detail. As a result palmistry is a skill that can be taught and learned. In this series of videos I want to explain what the different lines mean and how to interpret them.

Contrary to popular belief the lines on the palm are ever-changing in very subtle ways. We cannot see these changes as they happen but, especially after a traumatic event, an experienced palmist can see the difference with as little as 3 months interval.


I am starting with two videos and will add more over time…


Tutorial on the Heart Line in Palmistry

The Heart Line is one of the primary lines in Palmistry. In this video tutorial I explain why and how to understand it.

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Tutorial on the Head Line in Palmistry

Learn more about the line that this been identified by Cheiro as the most important line on the hand.

Still from the tutorial video: the head line in palmistry