The Head Line In Palmistry

A tutorial by online palmist Gary Markwick

The Head Line is one of the key lines in palmistry but knowing what it means can be difficult to understand. In this video Gary goes into depth to explain the meaning of the line and how to read it.

The head line runs off the life line and comes straight across the palm.

The heart line represents emotions while the head line is our mentality, the way we think. So a steady head line, quite deep, quite strong, and one that carries right across the palm shows that a person can be motivated with their desires. They are able to work with other people in groups as well. A short head line would indicate possibly someone who may even specialize in something, so they will keep to that, maybe in their work,  or it may be someone who may have even given up with certain things, lost their motivation and has no desire to carry on with things.

There are times when the head line will be a lot deeper. This can be showing certain things that have occurred in someone’s life . When the head line dips and goes down, going somewhat to the creative side of the palm, this can show creativity. Although I have seen people that haven’t used that creativity, and yet they may still have  a strong sloping line. But often, they have a vivid imagination or something like that. So when the head line dips down very deep, very far, and someone’s not using that creativity, that can show that the person may get a bit low at times.

A straight head line can show a lot of practicality. But the lines of the head line can also show creativity as well. When the head line raises up  that can show a person who will stop at no means to get what they want on the material side, in the sense of money. So be aware, if your partner has a line going up like that.


A head line that’s separated from the beginning of the life line can show independence. Everyday I see someone with their head line strongly separated from the life line, and this shows a great independence, but usually it shows someone who is in control of their lives and find it very difficult to let go.

Splits and the forks that come off can also show the writer’s fork, that is the ability to write  but it can also show a good balance with certain things that come in.

It is important to remember that the lines change over time and an experienced palmist can see changes that have occurred in as little as 3 months. Steady lines are therefore very significant.

The islands, the loops, squares, crosses, and the dots on the lines, can all mean certain things at certain times. The islands can show difficult times at certain periods in one’s life that carry on like this.  So balance is the key to all of this.