Privacy and Cookies

Privacy and Cookie Policy

This section outlines our policy towards your privacy and the use of cookies on our website. You’ll find it’s short and uncomplicated.




When you book a reading or enter a competition you may be required to provide some personal information such as your name and email address. This is kept private at all times. We will not sell it or otherwise provide it to anyone unless we are required to do so by law.



The site uses cookies to operate correctly.

Cookies are simple pieces of data which enable us to recognise if you have been here before and what you may have done on the site. You can find more information about cookies generally here.

We use cookies in order to do the following types of activity;

  • Identify if you’ve accepted the cookie notification bar so that we don’t show it again (yes, it’s ironic).
  • Identify unique users so that we can see how many visitors we have.
  • See what people do and improve our website as a result.


We use Cookies from people such as

  • Facebook
  • Wishloop
  • Google
  • Smartlook
  • Viral Loops


You cannot turn off cookies so using this site is agreement to receive them. You can delete existing cookies but then you will be shown many of the same notices etc. as before.